Simmone Enterprises has been conceptualized by Mr. Sunil D’Souza.

Sunil D’Souza is a B.Com Graduate (from Mumbai University) having done his Diploma in Marketing Management from NMIMS. He has been into sales and marketing and has rich experience of 20 years in the Packaging & Printing Industry. He is married and has a 3 year old daughter.

I have a 3 year old daughter Simmone. As parents we noticed that when Simmone was 7- 8 months old and was crawling and moving around the house she would inadvertently hurt herself by bumping against hard objects in the house or falling over on the hard floor. These were agonizing times for us parents to keep a check on her every time.
The last straw came when she was 14 months old and close to midnight she was playing and she hurt herself against the corner of the wall resulting into blood streaming from her left eyebrow. We had to rush her to the hospital and it resulted into 5 stitches on her left eyebrow.

That really woke us up on doing something to concerned parents like us to take care of our little ones when it’s difficult to monitor them 24/7. As parents we did look around for products that would PROTECT our child from bruises, bumps and scratches but they were not available in the market or didn’t meet as per our needs.
Simmone Enterprises evolved to provide safety and security at home and outside for one and all, keeping in mind our constant fear of minor and major injuries to our lil ones and also to us adults.

It’s not always easy to react on time to save someone from hurting oneself by falling over or slipping on a wet surface (our Indian homes having polished floors) or bumping, brushing against furniture’s in the house.
We at Simmone Enterprises provide safety products for all such needs. Our products are tried and tested by us to check its advantages before being made available to our customers. Our products are customized as per the needs of Indian homes and to suit the environment around us.
We believe in providing solutions through our products to unending problems that we all face at home our work place and in our play area to safeguard ourselves from all kinds of injuries.

Thus we believe in our motto, “Be safe Be secure”.

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